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Hem & Boo

Dog & Co Mountain Rope Slip 150cm

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One Size
1/2" x 60" / 1.2 x 150cm

-Strong & Durable                                                                                                            -Hand Stitched Leather Tabs                                                                                              -Unique Slider to prevent choking

These Mountain Rope Slip leads combine a collar and lead in one, and are perfect for walking in all weathers and terrains! Woven threads of reflective bands throughout the lead make them easily spotted when walking in those darker mornings and evenings. 

They easily slip on over your dogs head, with easy adjustment. A unique metal slider prevents choking but can also be used to convert the lead into a "Figure 8" lead over your dogs nose. 

Manufactured using tough and durable sailing rope with premium leather full grain tabs, and inner nylon core, these leads are made to last. 

7 colours to choose from;

Red/Black, Reflective Black, Reflective Blue, Reflective Purple, Ocean Blue Mix, Purple Mix, Pink Mix


Made by Hem & Boo in the UK