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Happy Pet

Fluorescent T8 Bulb UVB 10%

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Animals such as Bearded Dragons, Frilled Dragons, Horsfield's Tortoise, Herman's Tortoise, Green Iguana, Collard Lizards, Musk Turtle, Spiny Tailed Monitor and Uromastyx all require higher levels of UVB. 

-High levels of UVB rays promote vision, appetite and the immune system

-UVB enables the production of Vitamin D3 which helps build healthy bones

-Cool white output with excellent colour rendition

-Linea design distributes light widely and evenly. 

-UVB tubes are the most popular choice of UVB lighting. Suitable for the larger enclosure sizes 

Available in multiple Wattages: 10w (35x3cm), 15w (45x3cm), 18w (60x3cm) & 25w (75x3cm)

If you are interested in this product and it is out of stock, please drop us a message and we will place a special order for you.