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Goodbye Flys Horse Shampoo

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Goodbye Flys Organic Horse Shampoo has been formulated to combine multiple grooming aids in to one.

  • Helps protect your horse again fly attacks
  • Conditions and softens your horses skin & coat 
  • Soothes & calms itchy and irritated skin by gently removing flaky and dead skin
  • Aids coat regrowth 
  • Gives a beautiful shine 


Suitable for use on horses with sweet itch, sensitive skin, mud fever and rain scald, as well as providing dazzling results on grey and white horses! 


This fantastic shampoo can also be used as a horse wear wash to clean up all your horses equipment such as saddle pads, boots, bandages, fleece rugs and so much more! Just add 25ml to your washing machine. 


Goodbye Flys Organic Horse Shampoo is formulated to help protect your horse from fly attacks and is made from organic ingredients which are all certified by Cosmos and Ecocert – one of the largest stringent certifying bodies.