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Tavistock Pet Emporium

Duck Feet

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🐶What are they?
100% Duck feet with zero additives. Contrary to what you might think, duck feet have no bone in them, just cartilage, so the whole thing can be eaten!
🐶Who can have them?
All dogs! But they are especially good for smaller dogs and puppies who want a chewy snack over a really long lasting chew. That being said, larger dogs enjoy them too!
🐶Why do we recommend them?
They are a high protein but low fat treat, jammed packed of natural glucosamine, chondroitin and collagen. So aside from being a delicious treat for your pooch, they are super healthy!


Contain Only 100% Duck.

· NO Artificial Colourings

· NO Artificial Fragrances

· NO Artificial Flavours

· NO Preservatives

· NO Additives

Gluten Free Treats

100% Natural..