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Goodbye Flys

Equi Zen Box Starter Pack

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An all new innovative product brought to you by Local Business - Goodbye Flys. A calmer in a box! Portable, non electric and 100% natural. 

Your Equi Zen Box Starter pack will include 1 Equi Zen Box, 2 Equi Zen Box Refills and 1 Equi Zen Applicators.

A truly ingenious idea of a Natural Calmer, in a box! Equi Zen can be used anywhere your horse needs help with anxiety, travelling, in the stable or at competitions. 
Zen Box was produced by Sarah for her own Stallion, allowing him to choose his own natural herbs to relieve his anxiety.
The natural gel insert lasts between 4 and 8 weeks, and the box can be used in the stable, lorry, or anywhere you like, allowing your horse to go to it himself to relive his stresses.
The product is also available as a roll on applicator which can be applied directly on to the horses nostrils 
Both products are completely competition legal, and have Zero banned substances.