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On/Off Thermostat 300W

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The Komodo on/off thermostat is one of the most basic thermostats in the Komodo range. They regulate temperature by switching the heater on and off, with an accuracy of 1 degree Celsius around the probe. Using a thermostat gives any reptile owner piece of mind that their reptile is in their ideal environment. 

Too hot? The sensor switches the heater off. Too cold? The sensor switches the heater on. 

The 300w version is the perfect accompaniment for the Komodo incandescent Spotlight Bulbs and Ceramic Heat Lamps. 

Size: 8 x 5 x 3cm. Plug & Socket cable size: 85cm. Probe cable size 85cm.

100w version is available which works with the Komodo Advanced Heat Mats. Please message us to place a special order for you.